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Erlan Rots is SALMONHOUSE'S Art Director, Designer and Artist. Erlan is behind nearly all pieces of SALMONHOUSE's visual content.

Erlan Rots is described as an eccentric designer focusing on the unconventional abstract and uniquely functional. He's constantly exploring many artistic mediums including video and audio, but is most comfortable in digital visual world. Erlan was trained by talented designers and artists such as Mike "Daarken" Lim and Casey Christofferson.

Erlan Rots enjoys taking and editing absurd photos, listening to obscure genres of music and wearing black. Erlan is also a fan of horror and experimental art, film and music and loves to incorporate that kind of energy into his own work.

If you're curious to view more of Erlan Rots, please view his selected work below, view the ART page or his portfolio!


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