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Off the grid, on the grind...

8.20.2023 || Ube ||

It has been a while Salmon Family...welcome to our blog/updates/general news section!

With the blog, we want to be able to bring you a new level of depth into what we've been working on/adventures/collaborations/life stuff...

A few weeks ago Erlan (Erlan_Rots) and I traveled to the Washington Peninsula as part of our yearly Salmon Pilgrimage. I think Erlan and I have done three of these now. When you soak in the wilderness, the world presents a different kind of harmony.

The Japanese have a term called shinrin-yoku (forest bathing). While there was a lack of literal bathing going on this trip, we stayed bathed in mud, sweat, and the general gunk of roughing it outdoors. I've included some of these sights and moments below. The natural world is an incredible source of inspiration for both of us, and we were lucky to have the chance to experience a little part of it.

Musically, I have been working on a new Ambient album, "Cosmonautica". It was created extemporaneously, and each track was generally recorded in one or two takes. With all the music I've been learning at work, it was so much easier than ever to speak on the piano. I was interested in seeing how naturally this cosmic music could flow out of me, without interrupting myself or second guessing a chord change.

In the past, many projects I've worked on are comprised of hundreds of arranged clips and moments, it was nice to try something simple and improvised in the moment. I was happy with the way many of these pieces slowly evolved over time and with how hard to predict this album feels as it evolves. My hope is that this album can help you disconnect and let your imagination run wild. Check it out September 1st!

xx Ube xx

Meanwhile, this trip has inspired much of the artwork to come from my upcoming projects. While I wish I could say more about this work, I'll have to keep a secret for now! I will say that it is based much more in the 2D drawing space which I have been excited to work in more recently. Seeing these beautiful spaces and having to struggle and sweat for the best views has inspired me to embrace the journey in my work.

~ Erlan Rots


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