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Exploring The Hinterlands: A closer look into the musical world

Album art for The Hinterlands Suite
The Hinterlands Suite


The American Hinterlands Suite

1. Untrodden, a motif, an evolving orchestral movement

2. Babbling Brooks, an adagio for strings with experimental electronic ambience

3. Fork in the Road, a waltz

4. Hall of Mosses, world music/ritual

5. Nightfall, allegro/presto/adagio

Original Music composed in 2020, 2021, finished in 2021. On hiatus and brought out of the vault in 2023. This project is an attempt to define my final area of interest in music (that I know of so far). Ube Palomino is essentially three things. A composer, a musician, and a _________ The genres of music I like to make could also be defined in three: Electronic, American-Classical, Jazz. I have no interesting backstory, my parents are normal hard-working people. My grandma was a polka champion on the accordion. I never even left the country until recently. And it was Canada... Travel will sweep me up when the time is right. But there is beauty everywhere. Even in the mundane. I would know! This is what classical music sounds like from the mind of a menagerie of strictly eccentric and eclectic American experience. So, The Hinterlands Suite... I'm a kid with a crazy imagination. One who played outside all day. Who imagined wars in a besieged city underground. The neighbor who played outside in the woods until the sun set.

A lego kid. A kid who locked himself in his room playing guitar to keep the problems of life outside. A kid who drew weird pictures and sometimes gave them to people he liked. A bit of a nerd and gamer. A kid who found friends much later in life, and a kid who owes everything he knows to the hundreds of far-more talented folk he's ran into along the way. The salmon brothers who have pushed me to "make it anyway" for an audience of 1. This project is my new adventure in music, using tools that any person in this day and age has available. Their brain, a computer, time, and a keyboard. The Hinterlands Suite is simply planting a flag to make a statement as an artist. In retrospect, I really believe this project was how I taught myself to make, mix, and arrange exciting new orchestral music. Exciting new digital orchestral music...that sounds ironic. Always chasing the trends... My intention is not for "realism" with this album. The string patches and whatever other electronic elements are present are meant to be fun and whimsical. I want it to sound like a computer in some spots. In others, I want it to sound beautiful, dreamy, warm, relaxing. I hope you enjoy the journey into "The Hinterlands Suite", and I look forward to making more music soon.


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